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   Baku Bakery has been producing confections worthy of a czar’s birthday party since 1995. The Russian-European style bakery produces a wide range of delectables, with sweets such as Baklava, Sheker Bura, Shor Gogal, Kata and Mutaki with walnuts coming from Caucasus to your kitchen.

     While the bakery’s Napoleon cake with home made custard cream and Stephanie chocolate fantasy cake make your eyes light up and your mouth water, the true whimsy, joy and beauty of the bakery’s selection lies in its specialty cakes.

    Whatever the occasion is—be it a wedding or anniversary, a baptism or bar mitzvah, a bridal shower or birthday, Communion or Commencement—Baku has a cake for you.

    With two to three weeks’ notice, the bakery will be able to produce a sugary, sculpted work of art; a frosted, 3-D painting that will bring tears to the eyes—you’ll weep chocolate!  The approach is designed to give a unique touch to your cake and make your celebration a hit.

    The bakery provides you with a complimentary hour-long consultation, which includes a cake tasting and review of our product portfolio. If you’re looking for a cake that you’ll want to look at as much as eat, Baku Bakery is the sweet spot.

Order Your Cake now! (718) 996-5414

    You can always send a gift for your friends or relatives, order sweets, etc. in a famous Baku Bakery via on-line at bakusweet@yahoo.com or by phone (718) 996-5414. We are located at 1972 86th Street, on the corner of the 20th Avenue in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, New York.





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